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WahooArt mixed Subjects

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WahooArt mixed Subjects WahooArt mixed Subjects
WahooArt mixed Subjects
WahooArt mixed Subjects WahooArt mixed Subjects WahooArt mixed Subjects
  The international fine-art print web site at WahooArt.com is a real haven for browsing by art-lovers, as well as for those who are in particular looking to decorate their homes or offices with the best in Western art.

All is here for you to choose the masterpieces found in the art museums of the world, or your favorite artwork, from which Wahoo Art can then make excellent reproductions, either as paper or canvas prints, or as hand-painted oil paintings, expertly painted by our staff artists.

How to get famous paintings of all time, at a minimum cost?

There are three different ways for you to choose your reproductions at WahooArt.com, at your leisure.

Prints on canvas

The most economical way is to order an excellent print to be made from our vast archives of digital images of the original artwork that are treasured and safeguarded galleries and museums around the world as well as in rich private collections.

You can spend fun and educational time browsing our big collection of artwork, by artists, styles and periods of art, contents of the paintings and even by predominant colors used by a particular work.

Your research is made easier by our virtual 3D galleries, which float thumbnail pictures of the work of an artist available in our collection on your computer screen.

Clicking to choose a particular work begins the easy process of the fine reproduction of that work being delivered to the door of your office or home.

Giclée prints

The French word giclée refers to a print made by the process of gicler meaning “to squirt, spurt, or spray".

Giclée printing is similar to inkjet or bubble jet technology, used by common desk-top printers that are widely used at home or at the office. In the process, liquid ink is fired through specially-designed print heads. The giclée printer makes use of more sophisticated technology on top of that to do its outstanding job.

The state-of-the-art Roland giclée printing machine at WahooArt.com makes stunning archival prints, with high color fidelity that is especially suited to bright indoor lighting, such as direct lighting found in galleries or offices.

Our fine prints are crafted by professionals who understand color, printer calibration and International Color Consortium (ICC) profiling, and the resulting prints speak for themselves. The marvelous accuracy of the reproductions needs to be seen to be believed.

New ink technology for inkjet printers is ensuring better color fidelity and archival life, that can of course be helped by keeping your precious prints away from moisture and strong sunlight, to avoid risks of yellowing and fading.

The result is also an archival quality print that will give continuing pleasure for a long time to come.

Imagine this priceless masterpiece of Pablo Picasso (1881-1973), Portrait of a young girl, in pristine print hanging in your office to welcome your clients.




Save money on original costly paintings with hand-painted reproduction oil paintings of ours

While a lot of money can still buy the treasures of Western art, many of these treasures are part of our cultural heritage and not for sale to private individuals, at any price.

Maybe it's just as well that at WahooArt.com, our expertly-trained staff artists are ready in their studio to hand-paint in oil your choices of these prices artwork, so that you can still hang them to be enjoyed on the wall of your office or home.

Imagine this masterpiece of Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640), Deborah Kip, Wife of Sir Balthazar Gerbier, and her children, gracing a room in your home that the family relaxes in.




Or you can give us a family photo to be painted on canvas or choose from our vast virtual gallery of digital images of the best in western art and one of our good artists will paint your portrait or duplicate masterpiece as an oil painting within 15-20 days.

For less than $2,000 per commission, our hand-painting service is very affordable and our price includes the free freighting of your painting to your door.

You want to replace the face on the painting with your own? No problem! We can replace faces inside artwork, change backgrounds, or even replace objects within the painting.

Once your order is received, we will contact you by email to determine your exact requirements. Much room here for some creativity and fun!

You can order the size of the painting, as you can with canvas prints, pick a suitable stretcher frame and picture frame, or whether to have the unframed canvas or paper prints shipped to you rolled up in tubes.

We recommend the choice of linen canvas as the surface to be painted due to its strength and resistance to decay. Because linen is woven from flax, the weave of linen shows through the many layers of paint to produce a distinctive, authentic look.

Before placing your order, the best place to go at our site is our "Customization" page http://en.wahooart.com/A55A04/w.nsf/Buy?OpenForm&RA=BRUE-5ZKDTE

Using this piece of computer wizardry we provide, you can choose a painting in our collection that may resemble in composition and color to the commission that we are about to place with us.

And there it is, floating on a blank wall in a room like that of its final destination. With a click of the mouse, you can try to fit different types of frames around it, from the many frames that are shown on the screen alongside your picture.

You can also click choices of wall color, wallpapers with patterns and color, and even room furniture arrangements, that may resemble the place where you will eventually hang your prized commissioned oil painting.

WaHooArt.com gives full 100% guarantee that the painting delivered to you will be museum quality, hand-painted oil on canvas, unlimited painting revision before delivery, and free worldwide shipping.

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